Personal Declaration

Personal declaration as appears in the booklet of the 2007 hooding celebration of the School of Intercultural Studies
Fuller Theological Seminary on Thursday, June 7, 2007

Personal Declarations for Graduation

Student:          Dae Ryeong Kim

Mentor:          Charles E. Van Engen

Date:               May 25, 2007


Dissertation Abstract:

This dissertation is an innovative study of two seminal thinkers of the past two generations—Karl Barth and Lesslie Newbigin—who were keenly aware and wrestled with the collapse of historical Christendom.  Barth developed a theological method that he used in criticizing modern liberal theology in relation to modern culture with great depth of insight.

This study demonstrates Karl Barth and Lesslie Newbigin’s contributions to evangelical epistemology and missiological homiletics.  Because both evangelical epistemology and missiological homiletics are new fields in mission theology, this theoretical demonstration is a unique contribution relating the Gospel proclamation to the present modern/postmodern reality in the West from a hermeneutical, cultural, and homiletical standpoint.

Rediscovering the significance of Barth and Newbigin’s evangelical epistemology for the gospel affirmation in the context of modernity and postmodernity, the study makes a contribution to homiletics from both epistemological and missiological perspective.  By integrating the findings with mission communication theories, the study presents a theory toward developing missiological homiletics to postmodernity.

Words of Appreciation:

            I give my special appreciation to my mentor Charles Van Engen for inspiring me to conduct this innovative study.  I am very thankful to Dr. Wilbert R. Shenk for giving me his seasoned feedbacks and suggestions.  I am also greatly indebted to Dr. Paul Pierson for my historical research, especially in the area of history and theology of revival movements.

            I would like to extend my special appreciations to Dr. Eddie Gibbs for his precedent works relevant to my topic.  I also acknowledge my holistic approach to the encounter between epistemology and homiletics and communication theory is greatly indebted to Dr. Charles H. Kraft, to Dr. Sherwood G. Lingenfilter, and to Dr. Viggo Søgaard.

Future Plans

            I have been trained to integrate writing, preaching, and teaching for my future plans.  Accordingly, my future plan consists in three stages of project.  Upon graduation I will be a part of writing ministry for engaging in missionary dialogue with unbelieving world.  My second project is to develop an online ministry model for effectively empowering Korean preachers and missionaries.  Then, as a writer and preacher I will move on to be a part of teaching ministry in the field of my specialization as outlined in my dissertation.