graduation photo

Graduation Banquet on June 7, 2007

Dr. Paul Pierson on the left.  Dae Ryeong Kim was seated next to the right-side of him.  But he is not seen here while taking a photo.  Only his camera case is seen on the table.

Missionary Jong-pyo Im, a new Ph.D. is conversing with Dr. Charles Kraft's wife.

Dr. Paul Pierson and Dr. Elizabeth S. Brewster.

Tributes from Graduating Students

Presentation to the Alumnus of the Year of 2007.

Alumnus of the year is Viggo Sogaard, Ph.D.

Luau buffer dinner was served prior to the program at the Brookside Country Club.

And it was around 7.p.m. June 7, 2007.

The theme for the School of Intercultural Studies Graduation Banquet of 2007 was "The Light that Transforms" (2 Corinthians 4:6).