This video shows how the Insight class performed their music concert with Andre Ryeu in Wonderland after the graduation celebration of May 15 and following up the story of Katie's secret on May 16.  To perform "the Seven Tartars" Sarah and her friends changed their dress and danced.  A girl's grandma was present there.  As Andre Ryeu said to her, "I wish you were 18 again," (5:26), she was really turned back into the 18 year old angel.  She sang many songs with her angelic voice.

To see more pictures follow the link that leads to Daniel Kim's Facebook album

    The book the graduating Insight class carried when they went to Wonderland was "The Legacy of William Carey: A Model for the Transformation of a Culture" forwarded by Dr. Ralph D. Winter. They brought the book to gain an insight about the culture of Wonderland from a missiological perspective. Enjoying the music in Wonderland, they also enjoyed reading this book, as it is a charge to all Christians to respond in kind within our own cultures, and to use Carey's example as our model for taking the light of the Gospel into every corner of society.

The celebration episodes Part Two and Part Three are coming....