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Sydney Taron giving a speech.

Sydney Taron happily smiling with her certificate.

Caleb Elmeer is also awared his certicate.

Rachel Hotshot and Jennifer Lee listening to fun prophecy.

See the gentle walk of Aram Kim in his suit!

INSIGHT grads showing what they achieved.

What's so fun?

What an INSIGHT photo album in the frame!

Dr. Bruce Graham announcing the commencement.

Back to the seat after making a history.

The cake ready to be served and shared.

Let's taste it to celebrate the day together.

Wow! the faces of the grads shines!

Right models at right place and at right time.

Caleb, a future missionary, is happily sandwiched.

Rachel is trying to be sandwiched also, but....

And this is the finale of the graduation party.

Alysia and Jennifer will remain good friends always.

Party is over with this smile, time to go ice skating.