The three weeks of the Perspective course was completed on July 7.

The topic for the lesson 15 was World Christian Discipleship.

The last lesson was finished with response "Here am I. Send me!" to the call.

Whenever they were gathered together, there was a burst of laughter.

Here is the Perspectives community ready to serve God.

For them, the completion of the course meant a new beginning as leaders.

The Perspective students gathered together at the Alywood Housing at the evening of June 11, 2009, when the grand beginning of the course was only a few days ahead.

One by one, students began to introduce themselves, telling their name and where they from. With motivations for learning in this Christian atmosphere, a sense of community is already budding up.

The uniqueness of the Perspective movement among other Christian movement is that it grows a mission-minded community. We see all students were already committed to learning and sharing missionary perspective.

It is amazing to see how friendship can grow fast within less than two weeks in a study community. This photo was taken on June 22. Alyward China Hall, whose corner is slightly seen on the right side in this photo, was used as a classroom.

Each lesson is made up of a three hour lecture with one break time. Students would take a rest, taking snacks outside the Indian Hall. This snap picture was taken on July 7, when the topic was World Christian Discipleship.

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