Videos of Korean Christian Hostages in Afghanistan in 2007


The videos on this page might be used as a resource for case study of what happened to a Korean short-term mission team
in July 2007 while they served for a medical aid project in Afganistan.

Finally released after 42 days of captivity, yet at the sacrifice of missionary service in Afghanistan.  The Korean government accepted the condition that Korean Christians end all missionary work in the country.  

Prayer concern on August 29:  Is it right that the secular government permanently abandon any missionary effort to the country?  Pray for those who return to the society where many throws the stone of criticism instead of welcoming embrace.

The Taleban free two South Korean hostages abducted last month in Afghanistan. 

Prayer concern on August 13:  Two men returned home killed.  Two women returned home alive.  It was the two sick who were released. Their body is free, but their mouth is not yet because the 19 of their team still held hostage.  Pray for the inner healing of the returned, and those hostages without ransom for freedom. 

Afghan and US leaders meet amid renewed fears for South Korean hostages held by the Taleban.  But both Bush and Karzai are determined to refuse to make a deal with Taliban.

Prayer concern on August 6:  The Korean hostages' families are disappointed again.  The promises of national and international leaders have ended up with lip services.  On the part of the hostages, this is a long ordeal.  May the prayers of silence be answered for those afflicted. 

A second South Korean hostage has been killed by the Taleban in central Afghanistan.  His name is Shim, Seong-min, a 29 years of old young man devoted to serve the underprivileged. 

Prayer concern on July 31:  Two Korean women hostages are so sick that they are at the point of death.  They need healing and hope.  Their families in Korea need comforts.  May faith vindicate victory. 

Footage of a group of South Koreans held hostage by the Taleban in Afghanistan is broadcast.

Prayer concern on July 31:  Rev. Pae (on the right) and Mr. Shim (on the left) have been killed    Hope for the release appears to be very narrow because of the increasing threat of death from Taliban.  Pray for the peace in the hearts of these short-term missionaries.. May their hearts be comforted.

In her communication with Reuter, A Korean Christian woman (identified as Yoo, Jeong-wha) almost cry, "We are so scare...Please save us.  We want to go to our home.  We miss our family.  We do not want to die."
Prayer concern:  These innocent Korean women are not professional missionaries.  They just intended to serve poor Afghanistan people in need of medical help.  Now their misery is that they do not know where to appeal for help.  Support them in prayer so that they may know that they are not alone. 
BBC News on July 27

Taleban threatens to kill South Korean Christian hostages if their requests unaccepted.

Prayer concern:  Korean Christian hostages are now in extremely difficult situations.  What makes this situation worse is that it is not the situation that they can testify faith.

BBC News on July 27

One of the South Korean hostage has pleaded for help to secure their release. Identifying herself as Im Hyon-joo and she told the bbc news that she was sick and in terrible situation. Negotiations have intensified to save the remaining 22 hostages after the leader of their group a Christian pastor was shot dead by the captors.

BBC News on July 26

Officials in Afghanistan say one of the South Korean hostages being held by the Taleban has been shot dead.  The interior ministry police had found the body in the central province. Gazne.  The Christian hostage found shot dead is Rev. Bae, Hyeong-kyu, the leader of the short-term mission (medical service). 

BBC News on July 23

Pray for the safety of the twenty three Korean Christians held in Afghanistan as hostage during their short-term mission this summer.


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